11 Tips & Tricks for an Empath!

If you read my last blog post you have probably came to the conclusion that you are indeed an Empath.  It’s a  highly evolved gift that is given to us but often always overlooked as being overly or too sensitive.  The ability that is said to be the most advanced of all communication skills.  It goes beyond putting ourselves in someone else’s place, we can often times experience their exact emotions, making it our own.

Empaths are great listeners!  Listening to someone is healing for that individual needing the ear.  Just watch out for Energy Vampires,  you can tell who they are because when you’re around them you simply will lose your energy and feel drained.  People rarely listen. Most are too busy thinking about their own story, or what they want to say next.  Empaths do listen and they hear on many different levels.  They also care.

The problem is that in today’s society we can get overwhelmed, boggled down and drained very easily, with electronics, electromagnetic appliances, and our surrounding environment causing an Empath amplified emotions, anxiety, stress, depression and even disease.  We simply have lost touch and these gifts can sometimes feel like a burden.  Every empath is different, usually having their own set of gifts that they carry.  An empath has a gift of intuition, a deep knowing of something without having researched the topic at hand.  As an empath one of our many challenges is how do we cope with everyday stresses that weighs us down.  SO the big question is how do I do that?  Well first let’s start with some Tips & Tricks that have significantly helped me as an Empath.

  1. Self Love is important for the Empath!!  I can’t stress this enough we need more self love, than most because we use up more energy!!
  2. Breathwork – Taking 5 deep (from the abdomen) slow breaths upon waking up and before sleeping helps reset your body from the experiences you’ve had either from your sleep or throughout the day.
  3. Clearing & Grounding-clearing and grounding enables us to protect our energy by creating a force field and enabling us to function in society.  Clearing is extremely important because you may have some blockages from your past that is preventing you from accessing your gift.  Without clearing our blockages we will not be able to access our intuition and our gifts will not work.  Often times without clearing we are being bombarded with invisible energy bombs from others daily that we absorb on our own bodies.  We usually feel the affects of this and often times transmuted into a form of anxiety, depression, sickness, or even disease.  Grounding is a technique that allows us to use the earth and our breath for balance and stability.
  4.  Diet & Nutrition-We need to have more water than the average person as we easily get dehydrated and proper nutrition for mental clarity and the ease of using our gifts.  Often times we take up a lot of energy dispelling the energy around us without knowing.
  5. Frequencies – Positive, Happiness, has a higher vibration and sadness, sickness have a lower vibration.  So surround yourself with Higher Vibrations!
  6. Protection for an Empath – This is Mandatory as clearing and grounding for a beginner is often times not enough.
  7. Meditation – Evening Meditation and Morning Meditation is a must!  Louise Hay is my hands down favorite!
  8. Exercise – Movement either by walking or yoga are beneficial.
  9. Essential Oils – If you’re new, I’d say get Lavender, Sage, and Rose
  10. Smudging – Burning palo santo or white sage has amazing benefits for protection and clearing.
  11. Laughter & Play – Important to do everyday to stay happy, balanced and connected.


Performing the following everyday will drastically help you as an empath.  If you’re new to this, and need more understanding do your research, use what works for you.  My discovery of myself and my gifts has allowed me to pin point the necessary things (ABOVE) I need to move forward and stay happy and balanced in my everyday life.  I hope these tips have helped you as much as they’ve helped me.  Stay tuned for my next following blog on importance of Frequencies!  Once I understood how frequencies work my world has changed so much for the better.  Until Next time my Dream Catchers be well and stay connected!!


As Always Remember to Be Kind to Yourself and Be Kind to One Another!!!