36 Ways to Increase Raise your Vibrations

Feeling low on energy?  Have you ever noticed that your energy drags throughout the day causing you to be irritated, more anxious, or overwhelmed?  These may be signs that you increase your vibration.  This may sound a little foo foo, but believe me its not.  Just like you can feel the tension in a room after an argument.  That is the vibes in the room.  Raising your vibration allows you to live a more balanced life and also sends positive energy out into the universe.

Low vibrations cause sickness and disease, unhappiness, struggles in our relationships, financially, emotionally, spiritually, energetically and physically.  High vibrations feel light and wonderful while low vibrations feel heavy and uncomfortable.  As you raise your vibrations you also attract more high vibration people, situation, thoughts and emotions into your life.  Consistent effort is required to raise and maintain one’s vibration similarly to showering and hygiene to your body.  There are many amazing benefits to a raised personal vibration, such as greater self awareness, greater happiness, more peace, improved health and relationships, more financial success and more fulfillment, increase in charity, forgiveness and greater intuition.

Below are 35 ways to Raise Vibrations:

  1.  Think Positive towards self, life, others, situations, and trials
  2. Use uplifting and edifying words
  3. Learn new things everyday
  4. Be honest with yourself
  5. Repent, forgive and apologize
  6. Exercise
  7. Connect and share love with others
  8. Meditate
  9. Clear your energy
  10. Play
  11. Serve others
  12. Improve organizations
  13. Maintain clean environments
  14. Surround yourself with good people and environments
  15. Improve your nutrition
  16. Work through your weakness and false beliefs
  17. Remind yourself you’re getting better everyday
  18. See the good in others
  19. Release negative emotions, experiences and energy
  20. Study scripture
  21. Make friends
  22. Improve relationships with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers
  23. Be Grateful
  24. Drink Water
  25. Make good choices
  26. Set and achieve goals
  27. Take risks
  28. Spend time in nature
  29. Walk barefoot in grass
  30. Avoid low vibration music, radio, social media and environments
  31. Avoid low vibration activities, conversations and experiences
  32. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and Let them go
  33. Go and visit the beach
  34. Keep an Open Mind
  35. Let go of Judgment
  36. Acts of Daily Self – Love


Perform 2 or 3 every day for a month and see how much positivity, good health, and abundance you attract in your life!