It is our moral responsibility to give back in our communities that we live in with our families.  It is up to everyone one of us to help make this world a better place by contribution or service.  5% of all programs purchased will go to three organizations in my community monthly.


Rubies Place (Hayward, CA) – Women & Children Domestic Violence Shelter.  Rubies Place is a non-profit agency in Hayward, California that has provided shelter and supportive services since 1972 for families and individuals who experience domestic violence,  and more recently human trafficking. Ruby’s Place was one of the first shelters for families and individuals in the Bay Area established by community volunteers

Fesco Family Shelter (Hayward, Ca) – Helping Homeless Family Move towards Self-Sufficiency.  FESCO, making a difference since day one. In its founding documents in 1986, special emphasis was placed on keeping families together during their period of homelessness. Thus, in addition to serving single mothers with children, FESCO serves single fathers, two-parent families with children, and teenage males as part of a family group. FESCO remains the only Shelter in Southern Alameda County that serves families in all of these configurations.

South Hayward Parish (Hayward, Ca) – South Hayward Parish’s Mission is to engage people of faith in the endeavor and partnership of building and maintaining a just and nurturing community.  The Parish actively advocates for the rights and dignity of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, or geographic origin.  Our community ministry includes:  Emergency Food Programs that meet unmet local needs, Community Action Network (CAN) working to END homelessness in Hayward, Family Resource Collective providing access to healthcare, education, senior meals, information and more.