Imagine if you will, going through your busy day with stress in your life.  Not just normal stress like figuring out what to wear for the day, or what to cook for dinner, or maybe surprise visit from your family or friends.  This type of stress is normal everyday and something we can very easily juggle in our daily lives.  What about emotional stress that triggers a response in your body that usually is very rarely talked about like a past trauma in your childhood, or a fight you had with your significant other, or maybe even a death in the family.  Emotional stress is the leading cause of anxiety, depression, moodiness, irritability, as well as mental and health problems.  This never goes away and stays with us forever.

Meet Roseanne Tolentino, born in 1980 in Manilla, Philippines and lived with her Grandparents and Aunts, Uncles from 1982-1986.  Her Mother was in the United States working as a Registered Nurse.  Roseanne moved to the US in 1986 with her Mother (registered nurse) and Step-Father (doctor in Residency) and newborn sister.    The early days were extremely difficult with not only the language barrier but living with an entirely new family and leaving behind her beloved family in the Philippines.  Her new family and their ways of disciplining was rigid and formidable, with very high expectations.   Throughout her childhood, Roseanne not only dealt with typical challenges of school and adolescence, but she also struggled with depression and loneliness.  Roseanne often wondered why she was in this situation.  She questioned her character, her worth, her purpose, or if she even had a purpose.

As stated by Roseanne, the triumph over her struggles, as well as her strength and passion for life today, can be credited to her faith in God.  Her Children, friends, and the many people she has encountered along her journey have inspired her to persevere as well.


Welcome to Dream Catchers Lifestyle,  her blog to help others who have also suffered through depression, anxiety, and any emotional stress.

Your Past doesn’t define your future.  Roseanne has the passion and drive to help others and to share her journey of self love and self healing to inspire and help others who have also experienced trauma, stress, anxiety, depression or emotional tension, that there is hope, and healing on the other side.  Here she will share her journey on being a mother, a partner, a woman, and her God given gift of Intuition.  She will be raw, authentic, real, original, her truest self.  

We all feel pain, it’s natural emotion that we all go through, but often times something we don’t share with one another and it’s something we are left dealing with on our own.  We have all in some way shape or form experienced childhood trauma or something that caused a stressful situation in our lives.  We just tend to not mention or talk about those deep issues and keep them bottled up inside.

We live in a society where it’s shameful, we don’t talk about it.  It’s considered weak.  We are supposed to keep going and suppress these natural emotions.  If you’re like Roseanne growing up, it was never talked about, dealing with pain, or trauma or even what to do when you’re feeling lost or confused in general.

When pain is experienced every person uses a different method to cope with their pain and suffering besides alcohol.  Some people use drugs, unhealthy relationships, bullying, manipulation and even sex to mask their pain, these are just a few coping mechanisms.  It is not shameful, emotions are a powerful source that can do both good and bad, good energy attracts healing, positivity and happiness.  Bad emotions attract negativity, pain, suffering, internal conflicts and diseases. 

My Family

We are not taught how to heal, how to recover and what to do next, however Roseanne will be able to show how she to go through this journey of  self love and healing and help you heal and recover your body, mind and soul and prosper.  Roseanne a mother of two, Intuitive, Skin care specialist, Business owner, Small Business Consultant, Leadership coach, and last but not least devoted partner.

Roseanne has discovered through years of over exhaustion, pneumonia, weight-gain, irritability and unexplained emotions that she was going through something that needed to be addressed and her health was at stake.  After numerous visits and tests at the doctors, she started reflecting and learned holistic techniques through countless research.  Learned tips and techniques without using invasive therapy.  She is now at a place where she is happy and has learned that her own healing and recovery can help others we well.

My Youngest son and Myself

She’s on a mission on spreading her passion for helping others who have experienced trauma, stress, depression, frustration, and anxiety.  Roseanne has been on her own spiritual journey and have acquired skills to help you through your journey.  Dream Catchers Lifestyle is her passion in helping others.  Showing you how you can also heal from your past.  

Read her blog where she will post once a month about her learning as well as tips and tools.  Look out for her trusted healers guide for your healing and spiritual benefit.  Do you have a story that will help inspire others and you would like to have featured?  Send me an email @ roseanne@dreamcatcherslifestyle.com.


Be Kind to Yourself and Be Kind To One Another