Personal One on One Coaching (Virtual) – Work with Roseanne privately as you are guided through a step by step program to help you create clarity, confidence, courage & success in all areas of your life.


Small Business Coaching (Virtual) – Work with Roseanne privately to help you with strategies that will bring clarity, focus and consistency into your business with the ease of Internet Marketing. Easy 6 Step Plan to get you up and moving fast.




Learn to Love Yourself Workshop – 1 Day Workshop that consists assisting your with techniques that will help with Self-Love.  We talk about Self-Sabatoge, Inner Dialouge, and other essential techniques that will conquer Self inflicting sabatoge.


Life Purpose Vision Board Workshop –  3 Hour Powerful Workshop that will clearly define your vision for your future.  We will share an evening creating a vision board that is a powerful opportunity to create clarity necessary for your next steps forward on your life path to lead to the fulfillment of your intentions & accomplishments of your goals in direct alignment with your higher power and most authentic self.


Law of Attraction Workshop – 3 Hour WorkShop that includes meditation, goal setting, journaling and internal dialogue technique to clearly have the Law of Attraction work for you.


Raising Consciousness Workshop – 3 Hour WorkShop that includes meditation for awareness, tools and techniques to use raise consciousness such as understanding of crystals, essential oils and sound healing.


Healing Past Trauma Workshop – If you have suffered from PTSD, trauma, anxiety or depression this is a very powerful guided workshop facilitates the use of guided meditations, journaling, and self-love techniques that helps to clears your heart from all the emotions.  Emotions that have never had a voice and to set new boundaries and intentions for a happier and more balanced individual.  This is extremely healing and you will leave feeling more connected to your higher self and an understanding to how to accomplish Self-Love.



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