Why taking time for yourself is important!!

Everyday is a work in progress with Self-Love, Healing & Acceptance.  It’s not a one time thing that you do to that will make pain, suffering, or even confusion go away.  It’s a day to day basis.  It takes patience.  It takes wanting a better outcome.  It takes time.  You brush your teeth everyday to stay fresh right?  Well let’s hope that you are!  Well similar to brushing it has to be practiced daily to maintain good dental hygiene right?  This was how I started, I started by making a commitment to myself to take care of myself   everyday and show myself that I matter.  The younger you are the better to start.  I’m teaching my boys how to do this for themselves and they take time everyday to do something that they enjoy and love.  If you don’t take the time for yourself chances are you will be stressed, overwhelmed, and griefed with anxiety or worse even get sick.  Don’t wait until you’ve lost weight before you love yourself, don’t wait until you feel good to love yourself, don’t wait until you have time to love yourself.  Take the time today!  If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

It’s been 21 days since I’ve last left from my solo retreat to Santa Cruz for my getaway.  When I left I had so much mixed emotions, one stacked on top of another.  I left feeling frustrated, angry, confused, perplexed about life.  I shut down my dream business that I had, my youngest son was continually acting out in school and having behavior issues, and my relationship was on the rocks.  I was at a standstill and I left to Santa Cruz broken.

My drive to Santa Cruz was exhilarating I had my favorite play list on and I drove with the windows down with the wind in my hair.  For the first time in a long time, I was living in the present moment.  Enjoying the breeze on my face, the sight of the California coast and sea breeze was enough for me to let go and for the first time in a long time I smiled.  I had left all my troubles behind and forgot about all my mixed emotions.

I didn’t know what I would be doing once I got there, I just packed my clothes and pretty much had my Airbnb booked at 2:00am in the morning on the same day,  I’ve never done anything like this before, and I’ve always put my family and kids first.  This was so unlike me to just get up and go.  What was I thinking? Well I listened to that inner voice that said you need to do this…. For Yourself!!!  I’m always telling my boys to take time for themselves and take care of themselves and I was finally listening to my own advice!

I’m glad I did listen and I discovered a lot about myself that I never knew before.  I’m adventurous, I love outdoors, I like nature, and I love helping others.  I haven’t taken cared of myself and that was why I was hurting and suffering.  So as soon as I did this trip and started taking extra time to care for myself, my creativity came back and I was able to be see things a lot clearly now.  Quite a bit of positive things happened due to the outcome of going away on a solo trip.  I can say that things are progressing also, my youngest son has greatly improved at school and has been showing improvements everyday.  My home life is great, and my relationship is better and I’ve put the practice of Self-Love everyday since my trip.  So my Dream Catchers LifeStyle Blog was created during my trip and it’s my personal journey to Self-Love, Self Love & Self Acceptance.

It takes time, if you’re frustrated and have mixed emotions, trust your intuition.  Listen to yourself and take time and write down things that you’re feeling.  You should learn to trust your inner voice, it’s there to help you, guide you and transition you from that feeling.  I’ve listened to my intuition and I’ve had quite a bit of stories and life experiences from it, that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Anything that is worth while, takes time.  We all have 24 hours in a day, what are a few hours a day to take for yourself?  When you take care of yourself first, you will be happier, you are able to make choices easily, accomplish goals with ease, and you will be the best version of yourself for everyone to see.  Even if you’ve never had that modeled to you, and you don’t know what that looks like it’s ok.  Start with doing something for yourself upon waking up.  Hygiene doesn’t count!  So either make yourself a nice breakfast, or your lunch for the day.  At lunch maybe go on a nice walk.  Evening you can settle down after dinner with candles, and even take a bath or watch your favorite show.  These are some examples, of course you can choose what you like to do for yourself.  Hope that I’ve inspired you to remember that you matter too, and you deserve the time to love yourself.


As Always Be Kind to Yourself and Be Kind to One Another